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Other Programs

Greater Mercer TMA serves as a valuable resource for senior citizens by providing services and transportation referrals. We work closely with other agencies and providers to coordinate transportation options to facilitate independent living.

Travel Training

GMTMA provides free instruction to senior citizens and inexperienced transit users on how to use public transit. Group instruction, along with planned trips on local transit are offered at senior centers and senior housing locations. LEARN MORE

Mercer County Mobility Guide

Whether you want to ride the bus, train, light rail, or explore the numerous other transportation options available to you, this guide has the answers. Take a look and learn the simple ins and outs of staying mobile in Mercer County.

Greater Mercer TMA’s “how to” guide for traveling around Mercer County is available for download by clicking here.

transportation options

Transportation and Technology

GMTMA’s program, Navigating Your Transportation Options: Apps, Maps and You, instructs on using technology to get around how and when you want. Find and catch the right bus or train anytime, and make services like Uber and Lyft work for you. Still driving? We’ve got you covered too, with maps and GPS. Contact us to schedule a class.

Pedestrian Safety Program

Walking provides excellent health benefits and opportunities for socializing; however older pedestrians are often at greater risk of injury than other age groups.

GMTMA offers a free pedestrian safety program geared specifically to older adults at senior centers, senior housing and other community facilities. The program helps seniors identify the situations that pose the greatest risk for injury and how to become defensive walkers.

For more information on our senior programs or to schedule programs for your group please contact us at 609 452-1491 or send us an email at

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