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Why RideProvide Is So Vital To Our Community...

Greater Mercer RideProvide offers our growing population of seniors and the visually impaired – who would otherwise be struggling with the limitations of not being able to drive – an alternative mode of transportation.


Other transportation services are available throughout the County, but most have greater restrictions in their hours, destinations and trip purposes or do not provide the personal care or door to door service we offer to our members.

How does RideProvide work?

First you need to become a member. Annual membership is $40 for an individual and $60 for a family. We then help you set up a pre-paid account that pays for the rides. Cash is never exchanged at a ride, and tipping is not permitted.

Am I eligible to become a member?

RideProvide is available to individuals 65 and older or visually impaired adults of any age who live in Mercer County, Plainsboro, or the southern portion of Montgomery New Jersey.

How do I become a member?

Call 609-452-5140 for an application and information packet to get you started.

Or send an email to

When do you provide service?

Service is provided Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. For rides outside these hours, we will work to find a volunteer for your ride. RideProvide does not operate when our office is closed. Click here for a list of holiday office closures.

How do I reserve a ride?

It’s easy! Members call our reservation number 609-452-5144 weekdays, during regular business hours at least two business days in advance. Rides can also be reserved by members online, at least 3 business days in advance.

Where can I travel?

You can travel for any trip purpose, anywhere within Mercer County, Plainsboro and the southern portion of Montgomery, New Jersey.

How many rides can I take?

You may travel as often as you like; to the supermarket, hairdresser, restaurants, malls, doctor, family, etc.

For more information on RideProvide call 609 452-5140.

How much do rides cost?

Ride fees are based on a zone system. Each zone is roughly equal to a municipality in Mercer County. Fares are per person, each way:

  • Within one zone, the fee is $9
  • To a neighboring zone, $13.5
  • A third zone, $19
  • Further travels, $22.50

There is a 15% discount for sharing rides. There is a $5 surcharge for rides scheduled before 8:00 am. Tipping is not permitted.

Trips to Penn Medicine Princeton Health facilities are free.

Free trips are also provided to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Hamilton and select facilities.

What type of vehicle is used for rides?

All rides are given with our RideProvide cars. Buses are not used.

Will the driver help with packages?

Our drivers will offer you assistance!

What are your affiliated programs?

RideProvide is the service provider for Princeton’s Crosstown service, Hopewell Valley Rides, Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center’s senior transportation program and the RWJ Hamilton senior ride program.

Need additional information?

We love to talk about RideProvide. Contact Steve Krawiec at for additional information or to arrange for a presentation at your organization.

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